Nagano Performing Arts Center (+Nagano City Hall)

The site is located along a large boulevard defining one of the major urban axes of Nagano City. The building is designed with low eaves along the boulevard and a rhythmically divided facade, in order to establish a human-scale streetscape. Visual transparency creates an active interplay between interior and exterior. This “seeing / being seen” relationship is established via open views of building activity from the boulevard, and open views of the adjacent plaza greenery and the cityscape from the interior.

The building houses the new City Hall and an Art Wing. The Art Wing houses three types of halls, each distinct in character: a 1,300-seat music hall, 300-seat music hall designed for live music, and small studio-type hall for plays. Rehearsal rooms and studios are also included, supporting activities of local artists.

Location: Nagano, Nagano, Japan
Completion Date: 2016   Landscape:2018
Building Type: Theater, Music Hall (+City Hall)
Structural System: RC/SRC/S
Number of Floors: 2 Basement + 8 Stories
Site Area: 13,004m²
Building Area: 5,784m²
Total Floor Area: 12,483m² (+Nagano City Hall 15,980m²)
Architect of Record: Nagano Design Cooperative
Structural Engineer: Umezawa Structural Engineers, lab.
Mechanical / Electrical Engineer: Sogo Consultants
■ Notes
Acoustics design : Nagata Acoustics
Landscape design : studio on site
Seats : Main Hall / 1,300-Seat
     Music Hall / 300-Seat
     Theater / 300-Seat
■ Publication
KURA extra issue (Nagano ARTOle):2016.5
Architecture and Culture (PUBLIC ARCHITECTURE):2018.8
■ Awards / Competition
Public Building Award - Excellent Award(2020)
First Prize, open proposal (2011)