Redevelopment of Taipei Main Station Area/ Taoyuan Metro Taipei Main Station (A1 Station)

This is a large-scale redevelopment project of the Taipei Main Station area, whose construction has been continuing for over 10 years despite its prime location within the city. Upon the unveiling of a high-speed railway project between Taipei Station and Taoyuan International Airport, an international competition was conducted in July of 2005, and Maki team's proposal was awarded 1st prize. On the vast 47-hectare site are an underground airport MRT station and a high-rise complex consisting of commercial, office and hotel programs. The landscape was also designed to preserve the surrounding historic buildings. Lit with much natural light, a five-stories station atrium gradually brings the visitors up to ground level with a dramatic spatial experience of the Taipei cityscape gradually appearing in front of them. Above the atrium are two towers (240m and 320m in height), expected to serve as the new gates of Taipei. Each tower is designed with a crown and a body and angled 15 degrees apart to align with Taipei's two historical city grids.
Taoyuan Metro Taipei Main Station, the leading project of this Redevelopment, was completed and opened in March 2017.

Location: Taipei City, Taiwan
Completion Date: 2016 - 2017
Building Type: Station, Retail, Office, Hotel
Structural System: Steel Reinforced Concrete, Steel
Number of Floors: [Common] 4 Basement Levels [C1 Tower] 56 Stories [D1 Tower] 76 Stories
Site Area: [Whole Redevelopment Area]approx.470,000m² [C1 site]13,078m² [D1 site]18,515m²
Building Area: [C1 site] 8,065m² [D1 site] 10,096m²
Total Floor Area: [Station] 53,153m² [C1 tower] 208,000m² [D1 tower] 311,580m²
Architect of Record: [Prime Civil & Architectural Engineer] CECI Engineering Consultants, Inc. Taiwan, [Collaborate Architect] J. J. Pan and Partners Taipei
Structural Engineer: [Basic Design] Structure Design Group, [Basic DesignⅡ, Detail Design] Evergreen Consulting Engineering, Inc. Taipei, Envision Engineering Consultants Taipei, [Architectural Steel Frame Design]Tomita Structural Design Taipei
Mechanical / Electrical Engineer: [Basic Design] Sogo Consultants, [Detail Design] CECI Engineering Consultants, Inc. Taiwan, Continental Engineering Consultants, Inc. Taipei, SU, Tsai, and Associates Consulting Engineers Taipei
■ Notes
Client: Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government
Co-Design Architect of Station: Yasushi Ikeda+IKDS Tokyo
Lighting Design: Basic Design/ LPA, Detail Design/ Chroma33 Architectural Lighting Design Taipei
Acoustic Basic Design: Nagata Acoustic
■ Publication
Shinkenchiku: 2008.5 Special Issue [IN PROGRESS]
■ Awards / Competition
First Prize, invited competition (2005)