Redevelopment of Taipei Main Station Area/ Taoyuan Metro Taipei Main Station (A1 Station)

Location: Taipei City, Taiwan
Completion Date: 2016
Building Type: Station, Retail, Office, Hotel
Site Area: [Whole Redevelopment Area]approx.470,000m² [C1 site]13,078m² [D1 site]18,515m²
Total Floor Area: [Station] 53,153m² [C1 tower] 208,000m² [D1 tower] 311,580m²

Chateaucreux District Development

Location: Saint-Etienne, France
Completion Date: 2013
Building Type: Office, Retail, Others
Site Area: 6,600m² (First Phase)
Total Floor Area: 16,400m² (First Phase)

Amaravati Government Complex and Master Plan

Location: Amaravati, India
Completion Date: ----
Building Type: OTHERS
Site Area: Master Plan:367.25 hectares, High Court:12.14 hectares, Assembly:10.12 hectares
Total Floor Area: Master Plan:1,458,516 sm, High Court:55,753 sm, Assembly:30,110 sm