Chateaucreux District Development

The urban renewal, comprising an area of 5-hectare around the Chateaucreux station, is the core of the redevelopment of the city of the Saint-Etienne. Based upon the following original premises of the site, the district of Chateaucreux is expected to act as the city’s gateway and interface communications node.
1. Important role in the city of Saint-Etienne
The area of Chateaucreux is an intermodal communication center. It is characterized by strong commercial and business potential.
2. Connection point between other cities and areas
Chateaucreux constitutes a double entrance for the city; major road traffic and rail traffic. It acts as a transition space between the neighboring cities, like Lyon and the other parts of the city.
3. Accessibility to the center of the city
The already completed second tram line links the Chateaucreux station and Saint-Etienne's new business center to the city center in just few minutes.

Like most traditional European cities, the streets of this site define the building alignments. In addition, inner courts within each block not only provide amenities of their own, but also configure building alignments. These inner courts are visually and specially connected to the major street in front of the station, thus encouraging more pedestrian movement and a richer urban experience.

At present, the master plan and the design process of the primary stage of this development are completed. Following the blueprint, the project aims for further growth of the district with various collaboration works.

Location: Saint-Etienne, France
Completion Date: 2013
Building Type: Office, Retail, Others
Structural System: Reinforced Concrete
Number of Floors: 6 Stories
Site Area: 6,600m² (First Phase)
Building Area: 6,600m² (First Phase)
Total Floor Area: 16,400m² (First Phase)
Architect of Record: ART+I
Structural Engineer: COGECI
Mechanical / Electrical Engineer: KATENE
■ Publication
Shinkenchiku:2008.5 Special Issue [IN PROGRESS]
■ Awards / Competition
First Prize, proposal (2013)